Well Runlife and Lift Method Benchmarking Opportunity

If you’re the Production Manager for a company producing unconventional wells, there are probably three burning questions that consume you:

  1. Are we using the right lift method?
  2. How are we doing compared to our peers?
  3. What is the longevity of a completion?

We get asked these questions all the time. ALP has developed great tools to help you answer these questions, but currently we only provide this service to our clients.

In an effort to pay it forward and help the industry in these challenging times, we’d like to give all operators the opportunity to participate in an unprecedented benchmarking study that will help you to answer these questions.

If you’d be interested in being part of this study, simply complete the form on the right and we’ll include you in this study.

Let’s start off 2021 in a positive way! 

Here are a few answers to some of the questions you may have:

How will the information be used?

All operator data will be anonymized, so that you can compare yourself to your peers and know where you are.


Yes, we will sign NDAs or your confidentiality agreements.

Which lift methods?

All. We have a format that allows all lift methods to be ranked and compared.

Information required

Well name, API 14, formation, surface location, method of production, install date, start date, fail date, pull date, vendor, lift method details, perforation depth, reservoir temperature, initial production rate, last production rate, failure details (if available). Templates will be provided for submitting this information.


Benchmarked runlife statistics by operator (anonymized), by vendor, by area, by lift method. Rates by lift method.